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A time to think about the essence of life and
the order of universe

A new era is opening. It is an age when cooperation and communication among the regions, industries, academia, objects, and people are more needed. In the early 21st century, the so-called Innovation is expanding and deepening the interest and knowledge of people all around the world. However, there was no time that had no innovation in any period of history. People who are always willing to innovate, have become innovators who create new thinking and behavior and open up a new era.
In this regard, it is necessary to think about the characteristics of innovation in the early 21st century. Innovation in our time has the goal of improving speed, efficiency, and quality of life in the way of life and civilization of the basic. As the global people live their lives more quickly and efficiently, they are trying to find means to create opportunities for enjoying healthier and happier lives.
In that sense, innovation in the early 21st century is an innovation made by people with integrated knowledge. Integrated knowledge is the property of people who have the flexibility and thoughtful behavior of thinking, and above all, enthusiasm and ideas to create social values. There is no opportunity for leaders of innovation for those who are willing to live in harmony with the existing system.
In order to be a protagonist in the era of innovation, each should reflect on his own way of thinking, behavior, and value system. Self-centered thinking, easy living, a tendency to reject change, a self-righteous attitude to care for the environment, and a pursuit of physical pleasure unrelated to value can not participate in the leading ranks of the next generation.

Changes in Korean society are needed. What are the goals and values to pursue? What do you see besides the material richness, the joy of living, the social reputation, the leading group of the times? Innovation must always be accompanied by a new era of social value and the development of community history. Korean society should think and act with the mind that can be responsible and share with us and beyond, future generations and deficient regions. We should be able to think about the essence of life and the order of the universe in order to get away from the local thinking and outward growth oriented thinking for myself and us. Otherwise, it will be futile and worthless for the whole society or for all things that all life pursues. History is a cruel result to mankind in times when it does not recognize the essence of life and the order of the universe. There is an eternal blessing to those who realize and live the truth of life and the truth of nature.

Hyun Jihae, Editor of WHIZNOMICS


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