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A Korean heritage that we Koreans find and preserve in this land in 21 centry

This special issue deals with Andong’ story, a traditional Korean culture, and the life of a Seonbi, a deal taker of Korean culture. We tried this issue to find a way to restore Korean culture that has disappeared from the land for 60 years of modernization.

Andong, which has flown blossoms in Confucianism, is an origin of human-oriented studies and literature in which the scholars have built the foundations of Neo-confusianism and their studies have grown. It is the attitude of Andong Seonbi, who learns, enjoys the joy of growing body and mind, practices life for learning, ans share with their learning with neighbors and society. And it is the daily life of Andong people who nurture a human being to be born and raised in the world, to honor and praise the parents who gave their teachings, and to do human dignity.

Andong, a population of 170,000, in which the provincial government of Gyeongsangbuk-do moved to couple of years ago. In the big city, which is 2.5 times bigger than Seoul, the people of Andong keep their ancestors’ living attitude and philosophy, and early morning the farmers grow farm and live with their neighbors. It is also the present appearance of Andong for 2,000 years that people of this land keep their home and share their affection with people.

The legacy that We Koreans must preserve from this land is human life that honors the nature and their parents of this land and shares it with neighbors. Material is a means of life. It is expected to be a time to find the way of life that is born in a human society and finds human dignity.

Hyun Jihae, Editor of WHIZNOMICS


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