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Hope you to get a fulfillment in this fall by reading the beautiful stories of each of great leaders in our society and abroad

It has become a time to welcome the autumn as well as the stinging heat

I hope that the story and knowledge of people who are active in our society in the fourth issue of WHIZNOMICS will be useful information to the readers.

The knowledge and know-how related to the activities and work of diverse people working in each field of society will be a good resource for people in related fields as well as those who are looking for something new. It is said to be the age of information flood, but many people are constantly looking for good knowledge information that they need. Good knowledge is a way to make people healthy and enriched.

In this issue, Andong’s growth strategy is a Korean Spiritual Culture and biotechnology industry, which is the core of driving Korea’s growth engine.

In addition, the news of the activities of the experts working in the United States is amazing. I am proud of the success of Mr. Tony Lee, who is recognized as a new PEF in New York by his enthusiasm and efforts, the story of love and dedication of Edison’s sharing angel Mrs. Linda Kang in New Jersey, and the wonderful architectural design of Mr. Park Jin-suk, creative architect of New York’s KPF. All those are the wonderful articles.

We are proud of the start-up mentoring story created by Mr. Kim Yoo-jin of Sparklabs and six partners who have launched in Korea’s first excelerator and are now entering the global village and forming a healthy start-up ecosystem in the global village.

We hope to contribute to the fruitfulness of all of you through the rich story prepared by WHIZNOMICS in autumn 2018.

Hyun Jihae, Editor of WHIZNOMICS


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