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WHIZNOMICS, a platform for creativity development that is the driving force of innovation

This summer was the hottest one when the whole earth suffered a great deal of heat like the saying of the hot summer of 114 years. Moreover, it was the season that brought us even more difficulties even at home and abroad. However, the energy of autumn soon envelops us.
In ancient King David’s ring, there is a saying that”this too will pass away” to calm and complicate the difficult and complicated mind. We should adapt well to the wave of the 4th Industrial Revolution that was pushed ahead with planting along with the cool autumn wind.

WHIZNOMICS, which stands for intellectual platform, understands and shares the original knowledge of intellectuals in each field and strives to create new creative knowledge through fusion. Ultimately, we hope to join intellectuals who share the same goal to achieve the precious goal of contributing to national development.
The core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is innovation, and the driving force behind that innovation is creativity. Steve Jobs says that creativity is created by the convergence of different elements. Finally, for the success of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the convergence of different sectors must be efficient.
However, no matter how scientific technology develops and surreal changes are made, Accomplishment is human. No matter how rapidly the world changes in a few dimensions, it is most important for us to cultivate talented people and educate them as the right people because we are the people who are the most fundamental and subject.

There is the word ‘humanic person’. This means that humans have to be not only ethical and moral aspects but also faithfulness. No matter how the world changes, the basic human identity can not change. The identity of human beings can not be changed. In order to do this, we need systematic education to cope with industry development, cultural development, and changes in various circumstances.

In order to discuss and solve these important problems, we hope that we will meet together in the Platform of Knowledge Sharing such as WHIZNOMICS.

Prof. Kim Woo-sik
Director, Institute of Creative Science / Creativity Academy


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