Freedom can be maintained in a fair society

We will celebrate the New Year and think about the future of Korea. I wonder if this year has become a better place to live than last year. The answer seems not to be.

First, social polarization became more serious. And the aspect of social conflicts has become more intense. I wonder if Korean society will be divided into South and North, rich and poor countries. The problem is not the economy but the urgency of establishing the identity of the members of society in the Korean society.

To be a liberal democratic society, there must be rules and moral conscience that citizens must observe in order to enjoy freedom and democracy. It is because freedom and democracy can be kept in order to make healthy society and justice for thousands of people.

It cannot be a fair society if selfishness to pursue the interests of the group and me makes a secret administration and transactions are made through numerous personal relations. Freedom cannot be maintained if it is not a fair society, and justice cannot be kept by many choices. If the goal of a particular group that is widespread in Korean society today is discussed in a closed room without a process of public debate with the whole society, it cannot be said that it is a liberal democratic society if it is formulated and implemented as a national policy. If freedom is precious, we should make an effort to see, to protest and correct the direction of our society. This is the way Korean society looks toward the end of 2018. It seems to still have a long way to go.

Ms. Hyun Jihae


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