Koreans who enjoy the benefits of modern civilization should try to solve global warming problems

As the new year in 2019 approaches, the natural disaster is severe due to the abnormal weather caused by global warming. In the United States, heavy snow is causing paralysis in everyday life. Huge floods have killed many lives of the planet and their property has been seriously damaged.
Korea is no exception. An earthquake has been happening in Gyeongju and Pohang since last year. Therefore, it is adversely affected by the fear of the local people and economic activities. In addition, in Korea, the four distinct seasons of the past have disappeared, the spring and autumn have disappeared, and the hot summer lasts for several months, making normal life difficult.

Many experts have long anticipated the crisis of climate change or disaster caused by global warming. There is nothing strange about this situation. But the problem is that the ideal is coming too soon. However, the problem is that there is not much voice for countermeasures against this ideal. Although the leaders of the global nations have concluded a climate change agreement and made efforts to prepare for climate change, the organization itself is losing its presence due to the US logic that puts the national interest ahead.

There is a saying that crisis is opportunity. The earth is all life on Earth and belongs to the next generation. People living in the present should not avoid responsibility while enjoying the benefits of civilization only by looking at their own interests. It is time that we have to fulfill our obligations to develop policies for the global warming and to bear the economic burden.

January 21, 2019

Ms. Hyun Jihae


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